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Two McKinney Christian Academy students, Sydney and Connor Wible, have received honors from the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program for their performances in a national competition.

Sydney Wible, a 7th grader at MCA, was recently awarded by the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program (a national competition) for obtaining the highest mark in the state of Texas in 2014. She received first class honors with distinction for her performance in prepatory voice.

Connor Wible, a 4th grader at MCA, was awarded by the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, for obtaining the highest score in 2014 at the Music Institute of North Texas with his performance in voice level 1. He received high honors.

The Royal Conservatory is one of the largest and most respected music institutions in the world. It provides a national standard for students to measure their progress and achievements individually and with their peers. They were evaluated on 3 pieces of repertoire which includes one in a foreign language. The vocal production is graded on diction, note accuracy, rhythm accuracy, intonation and posture. The presentation is graded on facial expression, breathing and memory. They were also judged on technical skills such as aural identification of intervals, clap back of rhythms, and sight singing.

The Royal Conservatory has helped to train a number of great artists including Glenn Gould, Oscar Peterson, David Foster, Sarah McLachan, Angela Hewitt, and Diana Krall.