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Congratulations to the McKinney North High School Varsity Winterguard for winning first place and receiving a gold medal for the second consecutive year in a row.

The team had an outstanding performance on Saturday, April 6 at Mansfield Summit High School at the North Texas Colorguard Association (NTCA) State Championships in the Scholastic AA (SAA) category.


The members of the 2013 MNHS Varsity Winterguard are:

Alyssa Kupradit , 12  (Captain)

Valerie Freeman, 12

Zane Tamin, 12

Maddie Lemons, 11

Samantha Sanchez, 11

Mariah Winslow, 11

Micki Morrissey, 10

Heather Peart, 10

Lauren Raymond, 10

Celina Schuetz, 10

Karlea Sifuentez, 10


The MNHS Winterguard is under the direction of Mr. Kichline & Ms. Jenn Vaught.

Be sure to catch the Color Guard this fall as part of the MNHS 2013 Marching Band for another award-winning year! 

Story and photo courtesy of Susanne Cardona, MNHS Band Publicist

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