Looking for ways to revitalize your home? The first tips that come to mind are to refurnish, repaint and/or remodel.

But one of the most affordable tips for revitalizing your home is to invest in a Deep Clean!

McKinney Texas families that have used Executive Touch Cleaning Service, report that there is nothing better than coming home after their Deep Clean.  Walking into their home for the first time and having their lungs fill with fresh air.  Even the air quality improves.  No perfumes, just clean fresh air! Then their eyes are drawn to blinds, furniture and ceiling fans free from dust and windows that sparkle.  Even the upholstered furniture looks renewed after a brisk vacuum and not just under the cushions, but the whole piece of furniture.  Then the families are inexplicably drawn to the master suite where they first glimpse shower and bathtub free from soap residue and hard water, faucets gleaming, shower glass crystal clear.  Many report that the experience of walking into their master bath is like walking into a brand new bathroom. 

As you may have already experienced, not all Deep Clean/Spring Clean services deliver what they promise.  Visit our website and see what our families have to say about Executive Touch’s Deep Clean.  You will be happy you did!

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Executive Touch Cleaning Service is exclusive to the McKinney, Texas community.  Our company provides customized cleaning services that are billed by the hour.  Our pricing is very competitive and we offer monthly billing. In addition to our Deep Clean service, we provide a Bathroom & Flooring Only Service, 1st Level Cleaning Only Service, Move In Move Out Cleaning as well as Daily, Weekly, Bi Weekly and Monthly Service.