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Coachman Named New MISD Coordinator of Secondary English/Language Arts

McKinney ISD is pleased to announce that Andrea Coachman has been named as the new McKinney ISD Coordinator of Secondary English/Language Arts. 
During her four years in McKinney ISD, Coachman has served as an English teacher, AVID teacher and basketball and softball coach at McKinney Boyd High School and McKinney North High School. 
Most recently, she has served as the English Department Chair and Instructional Specialist at McKinney North High School where she was named campus Teacher of the Year in 2012. In addition to her four years in McKinney, Coachman worked two years as a coach and English teacher in Lovejoy ISD. 
She graduated from Austin College in Sherman, Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and in 2007, she completed her master’s degree in education. 
The McKinney ISD subject area coordinators play a vital role that affects instruction across the District. As Coordinator of Secondary English/Language Arts, Coachman will be responsible for supporting well over 100 teachers across the District’s middle and high school campuses. 
When the state hands down changes that affect curriculum and assessment in English/Language Arts, it will be her job to design professional development to disseminate that information to teachers and develop tools for principals that will help them assess and support teacher instruction on their respective campuses. 
“Every curriculum resource, every curriculum document and material resource, every instructional resource, every assessment resource passes through the coordinator’s office,” said Mary Clark, Deputy Superintendent for McKinney ISD. 
“They have their hands on everything. Anything that ends up in the classroom has been filtered through the coordinators in some way, shape or form,” Clark said. 
“The job of coordinator is huge because they have influential power, and Andrea brings such a wealth of intuitive leadership, having been a coach and a teacher, having worked with teachers at North—she’s taught AVID. She is going to be a great asset to our team,” Clark said. 
For additional information on McKinney ISD, contact Shane Mauldin, MISD Communications Coordinator, at 469-302-4007

Story courtesy of Shane Mauldin

Friday, January 10, 2014