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David Lambert, MD, a general surgeon on staff at Medical City McKinney, is quickly becoming a leader in robotic surgeries in North Texas. Today, he completed his 727th robotic surgery and was the first surgeon at Medical City McKinney to utilize the new da Vinci Xi Surgical System®.

“The arms and camera on the da Vinci Xi® are an advancement over the current robot,” said Dr. Lambert. “With this new robot I will be able to perform more complicated abdominal procedures that I would typically have done with an open incision.”

The da Vinci Xi® offers patients minimally-invasive surgery with greater precision, and is the third surgical robot for Medical City McKinney.

“We are committed to providing our patients and physicians with new minimally-invasive technology that enhances outcomes,” said Ernest C. Lynch, III, CEO of Medical City McKinney.

Medical City McKinney started using the da Vinci technology in 2013 and has since performed 1,120 robotic surgeries.

Compared to prior da Vinci® Systems, the da Vinci Xi® system's key features include:

  • A new overhead instrument arm to allow anatomical access from virtually any position.

  • A new endoscope digital architecture that creates a simple, more compact design with improved visual definition and clarity.

  • Ability to attach the endoscope to any arm, providing flexibility for visualizing the surgical site.

  • Smaller, thinner arms with newly designed joints that offer a greater range of motion.

  • Longer instrument shafts for greater operative reach.

    The newer system provides surgeons with superior visualization, enhanced dexterity, greater precision and ergonomic comfort compared to other surgical approaches. It allows skilled surgeons to perform surgical procedures for complex diseases and conditions across a wide spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures, including:

  • General surgery

  • Colorectal

  • Urology

  • Thoracic

  • Gynecology

    “Since this newer technology allows for more complicated procedures, more of my patients will be able to benefit from robotic surgery,” Dr. Lambert said.

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