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New technology helps stabilize joint and realign toe, without shaving off protruding bone

Bunions are more than a painful bump on the side of your foot. They are a deformity caused by an unstable joint located in the mid-foot, just below the big toe. This unstable joint causes the big toe to move toward the smaller toes, making it difficult and painful to walk.

Medical City McKinney podiatrists have a new approach and technology to surgically rotate and realign the metatarsal bone located just above the mid-foot joint. This technique alters the metatarsal bone's position and rotation, removes the unstable mid-foot joint, and fuses the two bones with titanium plates.

“The benefit is that we can adjust the foot so that everything is back in its natural state. We no longer have to shave off the protruding bone. Instead, this procedure brings everything back into natural alignment,” says Charles Marder, DPM, a podiatrist on staff at Medical City McKinney.

The technique also improves recovery time for patients. Following surgery, patients spend about two weeks in a boot. Previously, patients having bunion surgery would typically spend six to eight weeks in a cast. 

 “This new approach has improved bunion surgery and patient outcomes,” says Dr. Marder. “I’m excited about this new technology and technique, as the positive results are reproducible every time.”

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