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Medical City McKinney is pleased to announce three nurses have received recognition as one of DFW’s “The Great 100 Nurses” including Christine Law, Surgical Recovery; Dave Owen, Education Director; and Brandon Stark, Medical/Surgical Director.

“The Great 100 Nurses” recognizes RNs for excellence in the art and science of nursing. Nurses were nominated by peers and selected because they are role models, leaders, community servants, compassionate caregivers and significant contributors of the nursing profession. Honorees come from all practice areas in nursing, including acute care, sub-acute care, school nursing, nurse leaders, academics and more.

“Medical City McKinney has many outstanding nurses, and I am proud to see three of our nurse leaders selected for this prestigious honor. The Great 100 Nurses recognizes each of them for their individual contributions to the nursing field,” said Ernest C. Lynch, III, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer of Medical City McKinney.

Christine Law

Since joining Medical City McKinney in 2011, Law has had the opportunity to see nursing from several angles. She started her nursing career in behavioral health, transitioned to the ICU, and recently moved to surgical recovery.

While in ICU, Law played a significant role in the unit culture and also served as the preceptor for the majority of all new nurses joining the unit.

“I volunteered to serve as the preceptor for new nurses because I wanted to make sure they had an opportunity to feel comfortable to collaborate and ask questions if they didn’t know the answer,” Law said.

Dave Owen

Starting his nursing career more than 26 years ago while serving in the Navy, Owen has dedicated his career to teaching and mentoring nurses, physicians, EMTs and other healthcare providers.

He joined Medical City McKinney in 2008 and is responsible for developing clinical supervisor and charge nurse training programs to build skills and leadership. He is also deeply committed to educating those in the community and teaches CPR at churches and other community organizations.

“I feel so blessed to be able to share the joy of working in the profession of nursing with others,” Owen said. “I have dedicated my career to leading, training and mentoring the current and future generals of caregivers.”

Brandon Stark

Brandon Stark joined Medical City McKinney in February 2018. As an experienced nurse leader, Stark is recognized for his authenticity and ability to build relationships on mutual respect. He leads by example and is committed to excellence always.

Outside the hospital, Stark gives his time to coaching and mentoring young athletes on his son’s youth baseball team, and to Habitat for Humanity projects in the community.

“Being recognized as a Great 100 nurse is beyond humbling,” said Stark. “This is a true testament of the importance of being a community. Focusing on dedication, encouragement, accountability and growth, our nursing communities will continue to do great things.”

Twenty-five Medical City Healthcare nurses have been named to DFW’s “The Great 100 Nurses” list for excellence in nursing. This is the largest number of recognized nurses in the healthcare system’s history.


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