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Hail storms, rain, wintry weather, and other factors have all wreaked havoc on North Texas homeowners’ roofs over the past year. Chances are, if you haven’t replaced your roof in more than 20 years or if it has experienced significant damage, it’s time for you to start considering a roof replacement. The stronger your roof is, the less damage the rest of your home will accrue during inclement weather. Plus, a new roof can boost the value of your home, which makes it a smart investment overall.

Should you decide to have your roof updated, you’ll need to choose between traditional or metal roofing. The question is, how do you decide which is the better option? Well, here are some things to consider while evaluating the types of roofing.

The Pros of Traditional Roofing With Materials Like Asphalt

  • Every builder knows and trusts traditional roofing techniques, and there’s something to be said for time-tested materials.
  • Asphalt and other common materials are simple to install.
  • There are many different styling options when it comes to traditional shingles.
  • The materials are fairly inexpensive, especially in comparison to metal roofs.

The Cons of Traditional Roofing

  • The shingles might not last as long as some other, more expensive options.
  • Severe weather can sometimes cause significant damage to traditional shingles.

The Pros of Metal Roofing

  • Metal can last for far longer than traditional shingles (up to 100 years in some cases).
  • Metal roofs are excellent at preventing leaks, protecting your house from wind, and generally standing up to harsh weather.
  • The roofs are made out of an energy-efficient material, which means your home will be more eco-friendly.

The Cons of Metal Roofing

  • The materials and installation can come at a steep price.
  • Many still believe metal makes for poor roofs because of past experiences, even though recent materials have drastically improved their performance.
  • Not everyone loves the non-traditional appearance of the roof.
  • Metal roofs can sometimes expand or contract, which can cause problems.

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