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With Father's Day fast-approaching, it's time to hit the stores and figure out what gifts that father figure in your life will appreciate. Sure, there are always "#1 Dad" mugs and other cliche (if cute) options, but what can you get a man who just recently joined the daddy club? Here are some fun ideas for the newly-minted dad that will make him feel appreciated AND prevent him from losing his sanity during those first crazy months. 

Create a "New Daddy Toolbox" 

This is the perfect gift for dads who are on a budget and/or totally new to this whole parenting thing. Plus, it's super easy to make. Simply find a toolbox of some sort, decorate to his taste, and then pack it with items that will save his life during a drastic baby meltdown. Some great things to include are diapers, rash creams, rags for cleaning spit-up, pacifiers, and distracting toys. It's always nice to include a few items for dad, as well, like maybe a Starbucks gift card for when he's running on two hours of sleep. 

A Camera 

Babies change so fast. One second, they fit in the palm of your hand, the next they're learning to crawl. Help your new daddy out by encouraging him to document all of these amazing stages. Even if he's not into photography, he'll appreciate the push later on when he can look back at quality photos of his little one. Sure, iPhones can capture pretty great pictures, but there's something really wonderful about taking out a camera and dedicating time to snapping photos. 

Incorporate Tiny Hands and Feet in Artwork

Even if you're not artistic, this isn't a difficult project. Pick out some paint, coat the baby's hands and/or feet, and press them onto a piece of canvas, a plate, or whatever you'd like. It's unique and sentimental, so even the manliest dad will appreciate the thought. For some ideas, browse through this gallery. 

A Sturdy Baby Carrier  

If you're shopping for a man who likes to be up and about, this can be an incredibly useful gift. Now, he can get things done around the house AND spend quality time with his little one. It's a win-win for everyone! Not sure what kind of carrier to search for? Click here for a great guide for buying! 

Host a Father's Day Themed Photo Shoot 

Whether you want to turn to a professional photographer or set up your own cute scene, it's not difficult to incorporate a few daddy-themed ideas into some adorable photos of his little one. Buy wooden letters that spell D-A-D and have the baby hold them, or tape a tiny mustache to the kid's face for a laugh. Not only will you preserve his child in some photos, but you'll bring a smile to his face on his special day.  

Those Headphones He's Always Wanted 

The poor man probably needs some quality noise-cancelling headphones more than ever. Sure, it might not be a cutesy gift, but it's one he'll actually use on a daily basis. 

Do you guys have any gift ideas for new daddy-o's? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! 

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