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The award-winning and completely addicting HBO show, Game of Thrones, is returning this summer. Thank goodness, right? We've all been biding our time until we can find out who will finally claim the Iron Throne. Unfortunately, we've still got another two months until season seven premieres, so we have to be patient.

Not in the mood to be patient? Well, these shows might not feature fire-breathing dragons or witty imp princes, but they'll help satisfy your need for political intrigue and palace drama. Plus, most of them are available on streaming services, so you can hard-core binge until July 16 when GoT returns. 

Reign (2013-present)

This CW show follows a young teenage Mary, Queen of Scots, as she journeys to France to wed the prince she has been betrothed to all of her life. Full of political and sexual intrigue, you'll immediately be sucked into the drama of the French court. As with Game of Thrones, you never know who really holds the cards, and the creators aren't afraid to kill off important characters for the sake of the story. Available to stream on Netflix. 

The Tudors

A dramatic reimagining of King Henry VIII's reign over England, this show hooked many viewers with its danger and intensity. If you love how so many GoT characters try to manipulate others around them, then just wait until you see how power-hungry these historical characters are. Available to stream on Netflix.  


If you've been missing the epic fight scenes in Game of Thrones, then you definitely need to check out this popular Starz show. Spartacus tells the story of one of history's greatest gladiators. Packed with violence and passion, it'll draw you in right away. Available to stream on Netflix. 

The White Princess (2017-present)

This new show tells the story of Elizabeth of York, also known as "the White Queen's daughter." Based on the novel by Philippa Gregory, the show depicts Elizabeth's marriage to Henry VII and her attempts to survive in a dangerous court. Without Daenerys around, we sure could use another blonde princess who doesn't let men boss her around. Available to stream on Amazon.


Claire Randall, a married combat nurse living in 1945, is mysteriously thrown back in time to 1743, where she is swept into a world of Scottish warriors fighting on the Highlands. Full of passionate romance and intense battles, this one will satisfy many of the cravings GoT left you with. 

Marco Polo

Based on the famous explorer's adventures in 13th century Mongolia, Marco Polo tells a tale of human greed and weakness. Although some critics aren't a fan, many viewers have become addicted to the show's intrigue. Available to stream on Netflix. 

So, which of these are you going to try? Do you have other suggestions that can help fill the void for desperate GoT fans? 

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