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It's no secret that T.J. Maxx offers discounted prices for a variety of products, from shoes to designer purses and tops. However, there are other items that the chain frequently stocks, and you might be surprised at how cheap some of these items are in comparison to other stores. Just one more reason to stop by this addictive retailer, am I right? And don't worry, this isn't a sponsored article or anything. It's simply good advice from budget bloggers and frequent T.J. Maxx shoppers. With more than fifteen stores just in the DFW area, it's an obvious choice for shoppers on the hunt for great deals. 

Hair Products 

As weird as it may sound, I've actually had hair stylists tell me to head to T.J. Maxx for great prices on quality hair products. Whether you're looking for serums, conditioners, brushes, towels, or whatever your hair care regime calls for, check out this store's options before heading to a beauty retailer or even Walmart. I've even seen hair dryers and straighteners on sale before. You can save an impressive amount on many items, and your locks will thank you for it later. 

Food Items and Coffee 

Who thinks about stopping by T.J. Maxx to grab a bag of kettle corn or some olive oil? Probably not most people, but the chain actually sells many different food items, as well as bags of quality coffee. Shop for packages of sugary sweets or mixers for whatever alcoholic beverage you've been craving. Obviously, you won't be able to do all of your grocery shopping, but you can check a couple of items off your shopping list after you browse the store's other sections. 

Blankets and Throws 

The other day, I found almost the exact same blanket I bought for $10 at T.J. Maxx at another store for $25. Every time I visit, T.J. Maxx has a pretty impressive selection of super cozy blankets in a variety of sizes. What's not to love about fuzzy throws at an amazing price? 

Cheap (But Reasonably Sturdy) Tote Bags 

As you head to the store's checkout, take note of the plastic tote bag section that adorns the wall nearby. You can snag a seasonal tote for just $0.99, and it's a great way to do your part in taking care of the environment. Utilizing reusable bags reduces waste, and you'll probably find more than a few occasions where a cute but cheap tote comes in handy


As someone who perpetually misplaces her sunglasses, I gave up on purchasing expensive designer shades a long time ago. However, I still look for quality brands that will actually protect my eyes from damaging UV rays. T.J. Maxx has an awesomely-priced selection of sunglasses that are perfect for people who like to keep up with ever-changing trends. I bought two pairs several months ago, and they've been holding up splendidly considering how little I paid for them. 

Dog Accessories  

Many budget bloggers recommend searching for dog accessories in the home section. Your pooch will love the many different options, from classy food bowls to fluffy beds. Sometimes they event stock cheap toys you can surprise your best friend with. 

Cards and Gift Wrapping Supplies 

Ever get sick of paying $5 just for a measly "Happy Birthday" card to pair with your gift? Well, T.J. Maxx offers cards that are often a bit cheaper. Plus, they have a selection of gift bags, tags, tissue paper, and more that can make getting a gift ready easier than ever

Prom and Evening Gowns 

Now is the perfect time to hit T.J. Maxx in search of fancy dresses. Prom season ended a little while ago, and they've got floor-length gowns at prices as low as $15. Sure, you might not need a bedazzled dress right now, but who knows when that gala invitation will find its way to your mailbox? 

Gift Baskets 

Whether you're looking for the perfect baby shower present or something that says "welcome to your new home," gift baskets are never a bad idea. Browse T.J. Maxx's reasonably priced options in search of the easiest present you could give. Not in love with any of the options? Look around the store for the perfect items to create your own. 

Bathroom Decor 

There are some decorators who swear by purchasing bath towels, shower curtains, and rugs from T.J. Maxx. Why spend $30 or more at Target on new memory foam rugs when you could buy a set for half that price? Plus, they've got soap dishes and other trinkets that will help bring everything together in your bathroom makeover. 

If you love snagging quality items at fantastic prices, then consider shopping for some of the above items at T.J. Maxx. Even though some of them sound unlikely, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by the chain's prices and options. Luckily, the DFW area is home to many convenient T.J. Maxx locations. 

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