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Is it just me, or is July 4th one of those holidays that sneaks up on you? One second you’re just getting used to the blazing summer heat, the next you’re scrambling to find something patriotic to wear to a family barbecue. It also feels like all of the past Fourth celebrations start to blur together a little, am I right?

So, what can you do to spice up this year’s holiday and make it memorable? Here are some ideas from creative bloggers around the internet.

Painted Lawn Stars

Jeannine at The Concrete Cottage posted about this unique style of decorating for the holiday a few years ago, and it quickly became one of her most popular ideas. It’s quick, simple, and has an amazing effect on any Fourth of July celebration. Just find some pieces of cardboard, cut out a star shape, place the board on your lawn, and spray the cutout in the patriotic color of your choice. For more information on how to decorate your own lawn, visit Jeannine’s post here.

Set Up a Festive Photo Booth

This holiday can often be difficult to preserve in pictures due to low lighting, water activities, and general chaos. This year, set up a designated spot for photos. Make sure it’s well-lit and include fun props (all in red, white, and blue, of course). People will have a blast goofing off with the photos, and you'll capture memories for years to come.

Instead of Serving Sodas and Beers, Opt for a Specialty Drink

Nothing makes a night more memorable than a drink created just for the event. There are dozens of red, white, and blue drinks out there, so finding a recipe won’t be too difficult. Big Bear’s Wife whipped up a great non-alcoholic punch for the kids, and Cosmopolitan has no shortage of interesting concoctions for the grown ups.

Create Your Own Mini Carnival

Even though this sounds like a lot of effort, it’s really pretty easy to set up some themed games in your backyard. Use old soda bottles to create a bowling alley, or stack cups and have people attempt to knock them down with a baseball. You can also face paint, create crafts, and more! For some ideas, you can look at Real Simple.

Pop Some Balloon Fireworks

This is such a fun idea, especially if you have young children. Martha Stewart posted helpful instructions for the craft on her website. The concept is simple: pack a balloon full of sparkly confetti, blow it up, and then pop it. You can imagine the delight that ensues.

Tie Dye T-Shirts Together

Not only is this a fun activity that will keep people entertained, but it’s actually useful! You’ll leave with a shirt that you can wear on patriotic holidays in the future, and you’ll always remember when you made it. Not sure how to tie dye your shirts in a pretty fashion? This website has a helpful how-to guide.


How do you like to celebrate the holiday? Leave your traditions and ideas in the comments below! 

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