Riley Heruska
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A few weeks ago, we asked our Allen BubbleLife members to tell us where we should go for the best barbecue in the area. Today, we're announcing the results! And the winner is... Big Rays! Congrats to all the nominees and our exciting winner.

About Big Ray's BBQ

400 E Main St, Allen, TX 75002

Why People Love It: This local family-owned business serves various dishes, and they're all delicious and affordable. With a rustic feel and casual atmosphere, the restaurant will have you kicking up your feet and ordering seconds quickly. Oh, and the service is great, so you won't have to wait long to stuff yourself with barbecue sauce and perfectly cooked meat.

What to Order: A two-meat plate with some banana pudding for dessert 

So when are you going to check out this BubbleLife winner?


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