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We're only a handful of days away from October, and you know what that means: this is Halloween. It's time for things that go bump in the night, candied apples, tricks, treats, and so much more. For many, it's time to seek out the perfect haunted house attraction to bravely explore. Luckily, the DFW area is home to more than a few frightening ones.

Here are some of the most recommended houses to check out (if you dare). 

Screams Halloween Theme Park 

2511 FM 66, Waxahachie

This well-known attraction promises a night of chills and thrills, no matter what gives you the heebie-jeebies. In 2017, they're introducing a whole new level of fear through various enhancements to their five haunted houses. Screams uses professional actors, live music, and other forms of entertainment to truly provide you a Halloween celebration unlike any other. You can drink at their pubs, shop creepy merchandise, and enjoy live music while you chow down on food (if you can stomach it after the terrifying scenes in the houses). Fast passes and group tickets are available online now. Open September 29 until October 28. 

Thrillvania Haunted House Park 
2330 Co Road 138, Terrell 

Technically, counting this as one attraction is really cheating. At this location, you'll find three amazing houses spread across 50 legendary haunted acres.

First is the Verdon Manor: Rumor has it that the area has been cursed ever since a psychopathic werewolf, Baron Michael Verdun, built a house on Voodoo Bayou. It is said that the baron practiced cruel experiments on travelers within the dark recesses of his home, creating grotesque creatures. There's also Cassandra's House of Clowns. If you've recently seen It and are feeling up to the challenge, you can find out what Lady Cassandra has been doing with the clowns at her Labyrinth. Lastly is Sam Hain's Trail of Torment. Myths say that Sam Hain, a psychologist bitten by Lady Cassandra, brought his own version of madness to life in an effort to assist Baron Verdun. So, which terror will you tackle first? 

The three houses are open on select dates from October 6 until November 4. Check online for tickets and the full calendar

Cutting Edge Haunted House
1701 E. Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth

This famous attraction was named the "World's Largest Haunted Attraction" and the "World's Largest Walk-Through Haunted House" in 2015. With a handful of awards and tons of local buzz, Cutting Edge has been drawing anxious crowds for years, and it's definitely worth checking out if you're in the mood for a thrill. The House's terrifying contents and actors aren't for the faint of heart, so come ready for some intense scares inside the 100-year-old abandoned meat packing plant. Can you handle the human processing area full of butchered corpses? Find out on select dates from now until November 4. The full schedule and tickets are available online

Reindeer Manor Halloween Park 
410 Houston School Road, Red Oak
This park hosts an array of Halloweenish houses, from a haunted mortuary mystery to an 80's style Dungeon of Doom. The most commonly known house is Reindeer Manor, a gothic-themed mansion completed with murderous villagers. Come for the houses, but also check out the dances, rooftop shows, and pyrotechnics. The park is open every weekend from now until the end of October, as well as on Halloween night. Look into specific times and tickets here

Dark Hour Haunted House
701 Taylor Drive, Plano 

You've probably seen this attraction featured on several news sources, including BuzzFeed, USA Today, and the Dallas Observer. Some even say it's DFW's scariest haunted house. With Broadway level productions, professional actors, impressive technology, and high-quality scares, Dark Hour won't disappoint. Every year features new expansions, so even if you've been before, this year will have new frights and sights. Open on select dates from now until October 31.  

Hangman's House of Horrors 
4400 Blue Mound Road, Fort Worth 

Hangman's is now open for its 29th season, and it benefits charities with its profits. Awesome, right? Head to Fort Worth to meet some Texas Legends who will send shivers down your spine. The festival area features live bands, food trucks, free photos, merchandise, and more. If you're looking for a traditional haunted house, visit the old government facility that has been transformed into a horrific tour. There's also a zombie outbreak full of undead creeps who want your brains, as well as a visual effects show called No Place Like Home. Whatever you're looking for, Hangman's has it. Open on select dates from now until November 4. Click here for ticket information. 

Moxley Manor Haunted House 
510 Harwood Road, Bedford

At this attraction, you get two haunted houses for the price of one. There's the traditional Moxey Manor, as well as the newly introduced Big Top Terror Haunted House. Located in an area that's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman named Lillian, it's a bloodbath that will terrify any visitor. The Dallas Observer, D Magazine, CNN, Yahoo, and other news sources have featured this local attraction for its quality scares and effects. Moxley Manor has even been featured in a film, The Houses That October Built! Open on weekends and some weeknights from now through Halloween night. Check out ticket deals here

Dan's Haunted House 
501 Swisher Road, Lake Dallas 

Dan's is a full feature outdoor walk through a professional attraction. There are creepy Japanese inspired sets and actors who are determined to make you scream. With the Asian culture adaptations, this is one haunted house that truly stands out from the rest. The theme for 2017? Mokasatsu: Unkle Kreep's Atomic Shadows. Sounds unique, right? Plus, there are no clowns, zombies, or chainsaws at this haunted house, so don't worry about those. That doesn't mean Dan's is tame though, so be prepared for a horrifying evening. The attraction is open from now through October 29. Get tickets before you go! 

World of Khaos Thrill Park 
816 E. Oakwood St, Tyler, Texas 75702

This attraction will celebrate its opening weekend on September 28-29 and will be open on weekends until Halloween. If you're in the mood for an extremely evil Karnevil or a Blackwater Bayou with a little Cajun flair, then this might be the place for you. World of Khaos also boasts scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and many other unique features. Visit their Facebook page for more information, and be ready to let your inner monster out one weekend soon. 

The Parker House Haunted Attraction 
8550 West University Drive, Denton

Based on a supposedly true story, this house is a testament to an old man named Parker. In the 1940s, Parker opened his home to grieving families and would allow dead bodies to be cared for within its halls. Eventually, it became a funeral home that was very profitable until it was shut down. Word has it that some suspicious activity had been going on behind closed doors. Now, the house has been taken back to its original state, and you can learn all about the horrifying torture that took place. Visit the sanitarium, the haunted grounds, and of course the famous mortuary. The attraction will open on September 30 and allow visitors in on select dates until Halloween evening. For tickets, visit this site

So, where are you going to get your scare on this season? Leave comments and recommendations below! 

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