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We all know that Texas is home to some pretty amazing natural features. From mountain ranges to sparkling lakes, we've got it all. Surprisingly, our state is even home to some swampy grounds that are brimming with fantastic sights and wildlife: Caddo Lake State Park. If you're looking for a place to camp, kayak, or simply explore on foot, then this one is a must-do. Not convinced? Here are four reasons to plan a trip to this eastern park immediately.

1. It's Unlike Any Other Lake in Texas 

With the occasional alligator swimming below and Spanish moss swaying above, it's safe to say that Caddo Lake (and the connected Saw Mill Pond) are uniquely different from any other Texas body of water. Travelers have compared the soaring trees and draping moss to a beautiful natural cathedral, and I have to agree. Whether you want to kayak through the water or simply observe from the dock, you'll be impressed. I highly recommend renting a kayak and paddling through the green waters to truly immerse yourself in the park. The dense trees make everything seem peaceful, and you'll find yourself stopping to snap a pic every few minutes. 

2. You Can Camp (or Glamp) Without Any Difficulty 

If you're interested in camping at the park, you have four options: a cabin, a screened shelter, a water and electricity campsite, or a water-only campsite. I'd personally recommend going for the water and electricity campsite if you're looking to pitch a tent and enjoy an evening in the forest. For only $15 a night, you can power your electronics and wash up easily. If you're not interested in sleeping on the ground, other travelers have praised the cabins available for rent. 

3. There's Little to No Cell Reception  

Okay, I know this might sound like a bad thing, but hear me out: Sometimes it's nice to really disconnect from technology. No Snapchat or Instagram, just you and nature. It really does feel like you've entered some sort of sanctuary when you drive into the park, and the lack of service only increases that feeling. Think of it as a relaxing outdoor retreat! 

 You Might Even Spot Bigfoot 

Believe it or not, hundreds of people have claimed to have spotted the large mythical creature lurking in these unusual looking woods. Even if you don't give two cents about spotting Bigfoot, you'll definitely be able to see why others believe something mysterious might be hiding in these strange woods and waters. Let your imagination run wild and have fun seeing what creatures you can spot. At a minimum, you'll probably catch a glimpse of some deer, fish, raccoons, birds, snakes, and potentially an alligator. 

So, when are you doing to drive towards the Louisiana/Texas border to check out this intriguing state park?  

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