Riley Heruska
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Anyone who lives in the Fairview or Allen area has witnessed the giant boom in retail shops and restaurants along the stretch of Stacy Road immediately before Central Expressway. Over the course of the past decade, empty fields have been transformed into In N’Outs and JcPenney’s. It's rare to go more than a month or so before hearing about a new addition to the expanse of shopping and dining. Although some early residents have been saddened to see the countryside modernized, many families of the area are excited by the easily accessible amenities.

The Village at Fairview, added roughly eight years ago, has changed time and time again, with stores switching locations multiple times and new additions constantly being considered. Despite the center's prime location along busy Stacy Road and 75, the Fairview side has always seemed a little lonelier and less stable than her twin across the road, The Village at Allen. I remember being ecstatic when a bookstore and multiple fashion retailers popped up on the Fairview side years ago, but lately, most of those sites sit unoccupied. In fact, more than 30% of the center's windows have often been empty. The question is, why? Why is one side struggling so much while the other continuously grows in popularity? 

Now things are about to change: Lincoln Property has a new plan for the northern side of Stacy Road. Many people might not be aware that the Village at Fairview quietly acquired a new owner, but there are big plans in the work for the shopping center and its retailers. According to Dallas News, more than $50 million will be spent sprucing up the center and adding to the list of amenities already in place. The new owner promises a lot of new leases, as well as a brand new central green space. Hopefully, the Fairview side will soon be rivaling the immense success of The Village at Allen. 

A large amount of construction, according to Dallas News, will take place this coming summer. What do you hope to see at the Village of Fairview, soon to be the “Fairview Town Center”? Comment below!


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