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April 5, 2017 – Denton County has been named as one of the state’s healthiest counties in the 2017 County Health Rankings.

Denton County ranked third out of 243 Texas counties in Health Outcomes, which represents the health of the county. This category includes length of life and quality of life.

Denton County ranked fifth out of 243 Texas counties in Health Factors. This category describes what influences the health of a county. These include factors such as adult smoking, physical inactivity, education level, the percentage of the population who are uninsured, and the percentage of children in poverty.

In the 2016 County Health Rankings Denton County ranked fourth in Health Outcomes and seventh in Health Factors.

“The County Health Rankings show us what keeps residents healthy or makes them sick,” says Dr. Matt Richardson, Denton County Public Health Director. “This helps us identify ways we can make Denton County a healthier place to live, learn, work, and play.”

The County Health Rankings, in its eighth year, is a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (UWPHI) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The Rankings are a snapshot that compares counties within states to help us understand what factors influence good health in our community.

The complete County Health Rankings are available at You can learn more about Denton County Public Health at


Information provided by Denton County Public Health 

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