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It seems practically archaic to imagine parking your car, dimming the lights, and enjoying a film outside as soon as the sun sets. I mean, where are the Cinemark-style leather seats or the impressive surround-sound speakers? And who wants to deal with nasty mosquitos and the notoriously unpredictable Texas weather? It is 2017, after all, and modern movie theaters seem like the most comfortable and convenient way to see a brand new movie.

Having said that, many people seem to forget how downright delightful drive-in movie theaters can be. Not only are they often cheaper than other movie theaters, but they also offer a unique experience alongside your film viewing. For a minimal fee, you can enjoy the outdoors AND see that new hit everyone has been talking about. More often than not, the drive-in will offer back-to-back movies for the same price as one movie at a regular theater. Additionally, you can bring whatever food and drink you want, so you don’t feel like you’re selling your soul for the price of one Slurpee and a box of popcorn at the concession stand.

Come on, admit it. I’ve already convinced you to start looking up the nearest drive-in, either because you can’t wait to pretend you’re back in the 1940s or you’re looking for a unique movie-going experience. Never fear: Texas is home to more than a dozen different drive-in movie theaters still in operation. With spring blossoming and warmer weather approaching, it’s the perfect time for you to drag your family or that special someone along with you to the film. Most drive-ins reopen full time in April, so make your plans soon!

Here is a list of the drive-in theaters in various Texas areas. Which one are you going to hit first?

Tascosa Drive-in Theater - Amarillo
Galaxy Drive-In Movie Theatre - Ennis
Sandell Drive-In - Clarendon
Brazos Drive In - Granbury
The Last Drive-In Picture Show - Gatesville
Graham Drive In Theatre - Graham
Coyote Drive-In - Fort Worth
Sky Vue Drive In Theater - Tyler
Town & Country Drive-In Theatre - Abilene
Big Sky Theater - Midland 
Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive In - Austin 
Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre - New Braunfels 
Showboat Drive-In - Houston 
Wes-Mer Drive-In Theater - Mercedes

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