Riley Heruska
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Americans are commonly referred to as workaholics by other nations. Most of the American workforce members have less than 20 days of paid vacation each year, and recent studies have shown that much of this vacation time is left unused by the time January ends. In 2017, Americans failed to use a combined total of 212 million PTO days

Some states are certainly more likely to take vacations than others. Texas, however, comes in as the second state most likely to not use vacation days. Our state's total number of unused vacation days came in at 66,797,915 in a recent report. The only other state that used fewer vacation days was California. 

This lack of breaks from work isn't just unfortunate; it's dangerous for people's health. Reports indicate that people who don't take vacations have a 21 percent higher risk of death from stress and many other issues. Productivity suffers, mental health takes a toll and even your heart can be negatively impacted

Do you use all of your vacation days each year? How often do you take a break? Discuss your habits as a Texas employee in the comments below. 

*Article sourced from U.S. News 

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