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If you think that yoga is just a series of stretches set to relaxing music, then you've clearly never tried incorporating the practice in your daily life. Yoga is one of the oldest, most powerful forms of exercise, and science has revealed dozens of benefits that come with it. 

Now is the time to find out what yoga can do for your mental and physical health. Here are five reasons to finally start practicing yoga, either on your own or in a professional studio. 

1. It's like strength-training without the weights. You don't have to own a set of dumbbells to target your muscles during workouts. Experts recommend trying yoga for a simple at-home strength training session. Don't worry; you'll still feel the burn tomorrow morning. 

2. Yoga can help with joint pain. 
Do you struggle with pain in your neck, knees, back or wrists? Yoga can help tackle chronic pain and strengthen your body. This is especially beneficial as your bones weaken with age. 

3. The practice assists with weight management. 
Obviously, working out can help you lose weight, but yoga is especially helpful in that it fosters healthy practices outside of the gym. It's all about balance, and by reducing your stress and becoming more mindful in your practice, you'll manage your weight more easily. 

4. You'll sleep better. 
Studies have found that yoga practicers suffer less from insomnia and often get better, more restful sleep at night. 

5. It reduces the symptoms of serious mental health issues. 
If you struggle with depression, chronic stress or anxiety, consider heading to a yoga studio. The practice will help you regulate your emotions and bring your mental health into a better balance. 

Do you practice yoga in the area? Recommend good studios in the comments below! 

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