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At approximately 10:30 AM, a victim called in to give the serial number of a revolver that was stolen from him on March 13. 


At approximately 12:02 PM, an officer met with a victim in regards to an identity theft. The victim resides in the 3300 block of Drexel Drive and stated that he received a call from a collection agency regarding an overdue account. He found that an unknown person had opened the account without permission. 



An officer was searching the area of 4600 Mockingbird Lane for a burglary suspect at approximately 11:45 AM. He discovered a broken gate large enough for a person to pass through, so the owner of the property was contacted. A criminal mischief report was filed. 


Officers were dispatched to the 4600 block of Mockingbird Lane at approximately 11:09 AM in regards to a suspicious Grey SUV parked in the rear parking lot of a home with access to Eastern Boulevard. There, the officers met up with two Dallas PD officers, who advised that the resident of the home had called in a burglary in progress. The victim was contacted, and he stated that at 10:40 AM, he heard loud noises in his yard and spotted an intruder with a hacksaw. There is extensive damage to the victim's back door. There is a detached building in the yard serves as the victim's office. It was ransacked and several pieces of technology were stolen. Some of the missing items were later found on a driveway nearby and returned to the rightful owner. The suspicious vehicle was towed and placed on hold. 


At approximately 1:51 PM, an officer was dispatched to the 4600 block of Livingston Avenue for a report of a burglary of a habitation. The victim stated that between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM, someone had broken into his garage and rummaged through his belongings. The victim also said that the suspect entered through the driveway gate to the backyard. Once the police entered the yard, they saw black overalls that matched the description of the suspect given in the offense stated above. More evidence was collected and a report was filed. 

All information provided by HPPD 

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