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Although you might not think of North Texas as a center of Japanese cuisine, there are many impressive restaurants serving delicious sushi, ramen, and traditional dishes. If you're on the hunt for your next favorite Japanese restaurant, here are some well-reviewed places in the Dallas area that will constantly have you coming back for more. 

Mr. Max Cafe Nipoon 

Located in Irving, this restaurant likes to mix things up with unique dishes like rice sandwiches and fried squid. Reviewers praise the menu's authenticity, as well as the traditional low tables and tatami mats that make your dining experience even more special. 

Ken Japanese Bistro 

Labeled by some as the best Japanese restaurant in Dallas, this bistro serves excellent sashimi, grilled fish, fried meats, and other Japanese dishes. The calm, casual atmosphere makes dining here a comfortable experience for everyone, and the service is great. 

Ichiro Ramen Shop 

Head over to Oak Lawn for an outstanding bowl of flavorful ramen. You can tailor each dish to your preference by deciding how spicy you'd like it to be, and there are plenty of delicious sides to pair with your ramen. Choose from a range of more traditional ramen dishes or some that have a little twist. 

Yatai Ramen Izakaya 

Plano is home to one of the best, most affordable ramen spots in the area. With generous portion sizes, authentic Japanese decor, and plenty of menu options, you'll keep revisiting this place time and time again. Remember to check out the desserts and drinks, as well. 


This swanky, acclaimed Dallas restaurant is known for its modern Asian dining options, including a sushi bar and handcrafted cocktails. It's so popular that you may need to make a reservation in advance, but the wide variety of seafood, fried rice, sushi, and entrees is well worth the advanced planning. 

Blue Sushi Sake Grill 

Pop on over to Uptown Dallas to take part in one of the best happy hours around, then indulge in an abundance of delicious sushi, grill entrees, and more. Blue Sushi Sake Grill can help satisfy all of your Japanese food cravings, and the prices are fairly reasonable for the food's superior quality. 

Wabi House 

Whether you're a carnivore or a vegetarian, this Dallas restaurant has something for you. Their ramen bowls have established them as a fan favorite with many, and their soothing ambiance makes for a wonderful date-night location. 

Teppo Yakitori 

This Dallas sushi bar might be pricey, but plenty of people think the excellent food is worth the heavy price tag. Try one of their popular rolls, then finish the meal off with black sesame ice cream or carrot creme brulee. Do keep in mind that this restaurant can be packed on weekend nights, so book reservations if necessary. 

Where do you love to eat Japanese food? Leave other restaurant recommendations in the comments! 

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