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A victim who lives in the 4200 block of Edmondson Avenue came to the HPPD and filed an Identity Theft report. He stated that an unknown person used his personal information, including his Social Security number and DOB, to apply for loans online. 



Three officers were dispatched to the 4300 block of Livingston Avenue on a possible burglary of a habitation. The victim stated that she had heard someone trying to open the door to her living quarters, and when she looked out the window, she saw two men standing in her driveway. The two men then left. The victim does not believe anything was taken but gave descriptions of the men to the police. 


At approximately 10:45 AM, an officer responded to a call of identity theft in the 3600 block of Drexel Drive. The victim stated that she noticed an unauthorized charge on her bank account and has had to cancel her card. 


An officer responded to a theft call at 28 HPSV. The victim, who is a manager of a store, stated that she and her two employees were busy with customers at approximately 2:46 PM. She heard the security tag alarm go off and found that roughly 15 handbags had been stolen from two shelves. The manager was able to snap a picture of the getaway vehicle and identified the license plate. 



At 10:06 AM, an officer was dispatched to the 4400 Block of Lorraine Avenue on a report of a Burglary of a Building. The building was an unoccupied house that's currently for sale. The owner of the property stated that he received a phone call from one of the contractors stating that the property had been burglarized. Evidence showed that the house was entered through a window, which was broken by a large stone. Several large appliances were removed from the property without permission. 


An officer was called to the lobby of 4700 Drexel Drive to take a report of a possible theft at 2:17 PM. The reporting person is the daughter of the alleged victim, who did not want to make a report. The victim had been shopping at the Kroger in the 5600 block of Mockingbird Lane on January 26 when two unknown subjects approached him. They claimed they had trimmed trees for him in the past and were soliciting for work. When the victim stated that he did need a refrigerator removed, they followed him to his home in the 3800 block of Potomac Avenue. Then, on January 29, the returned with a truck to remove the fridge. They then asked to use the restroom, which the victim thought was suspicious. He then found that they had emptied several drawers and removed property without consent.  


An officer was informed that two SMU PD patrol cars were involved in an accident at the intersection of Oak Lawn and Armstrong. Both vehicles had damage but the drivers appeared to be uninjured. A crash report was not filed, but an information report was. 


A victim reported a theft of $5,000 by a company called Exotic Car Sales. He had purchased custom luggage for his two Ferrari's, but once the order was placed, the merchandise never arrived. When the victim asked for a refund, the seller claimed the check was in the mail, but it never arrived. 

All information provided by HPPD 

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