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Already binged on all the Netflix classics like Breaking Bad and House of Cards? Don't worry, your days of hitting "play next episode" aren't over yet. Here are five shows you can currently stream on Netflix that aren't quite as popular as others but that are totally addicting. What's your favorite show that usually flies under the radar? Leave other suggestions in the comments! 

If You Like Comical Discussions About Morals, Watch The Good Place

When Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) dies, she's sent to the Good Place, but what the utopia's creator doesn't know is that Eleanor wasn't a great person when she was alive. Eleanor desperately wants to avoid being sent to the Bad Place when her less than stellar past is revealed, so she begins working on herself to become a better person. Her new neighbors are seemingly perfect, but will she drive them up the wall with her secrets and shenanigans? 

"The quirky comedy breaks the mold of most sit-coms in that it's serialized with each episode ending on a curious note, clearly meant to raise every viewer's desire to see the next installment - and it works." - Anne Easton, New York Observer 

If You're in the Mood for a Creepy Murder Investigation, Watch The Killing

Homicide detective Sarah Linden is assigned to the murder case of a teenage girl, and as she begins to unravel the twisted mystery of the young woman's death, she is forced to face the extensive grief felt by the victim's family. Her street-wise partner and mentee, Holder, isn't quite as by-the-book as Linden would like, but together they help the eerie story start to unfold. Based partly on a Danish TV series, this drama focuses on deep character development and emotion. 

"The Killing marks another bulls-eye for AMC in presenting complex, literate, well-crafted television." - David Hinckley, New York Daily News 

If You Love Musicals and Crude Satire, Watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch graduated from Harvard, attended Yale Law School, and has an impressive position at a New York law firm, yet she can't seem to find happiness. When she bumps into her ex-boyfriend from a summer camp long ago, she decides to make a change and move across the country in pursuit of a new life (and perhaps a new love interest). Full of catchy and well-written songs, witty banter, and lovable characters, this show is one you won't soon forget. 

"Beyond its off-putting title, this is the freshest, wackiest romantic comedy/musical fantasy hybrid of this or any recent season." - Gail Pennington, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 

If You're in the Mood for to Cheer for the Bad Guy, Watch Ozark

Starring Jason Bateman, this thrilling drama tells the story of a financial planner, Marty, 
who relocates with his family to a resort community filled with dirty money and even worse characters. Marty is on the run after his illegal money laundering scheme went bad, and now the fate of his children and wife rests in his guilty hands. Complex and disarming, the show mimics the Walter White, lovable bad-guy trope while presenting well-crafted plot points and characters.

"Now that's how you make a thriller." - Ben Travers, indieWire

If You Miss Game of Thrones and Need a Medieval Fix, Watch Reign

Although this CW show can rub some viewers the wrong way with its teenage characters and over-the-top drama, it definitely has its high points in its portrayal of Mary Queen of Scots and the battle for her crown. Mary (Adelaide Kane) and her ladies journey to France, where her fiance and a world of danger await. The show's beautiful costumes, elaborate sets, and ever-present political schemes make up for the historical fact stretching that may occur.

"This is also a show that's unafraid to directly examine power, which is one of the reasons it's succeeded as more than a compendium of ridiculous moments." - Genevieve Valentine, AV Club

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