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Every parent knows the exasperating challenge of wrestling a little one into bed. Between fending off dozens of excuses and getting them to finally crawl under the covers, parents can find the entire bedtime routine to be exhausting.

That's why Fort Worth father Nate Henry and his wife incorporate reading into their young daughter's nighttime routine. "Books were always a part of helping our daughter wind down," Henry says. "Much of the time, we were telling her stories about what we were planning on doing the next day so she had something fun to think about instead of being frustrated about having to go to bed." 

As the co-founder of Watercourse Books, Henry decided to create his own bedtime story for a bigger audience of sleepy children. The result, Good Night, Sweet Baby, is now available to order, and it tells a tale that will help any little one calm down when the day comes to an end. 

"Good Night, Sweet Baby was inspired by normal dad and mom challenges my wife and I faced basically every night," Henry says. "The story 'Dad' tells 'Sweet' Baby' [in the book] highlights a normal day my daughter and I would spend together when my wife leaves the house." It's a cute take on what could be a boring routine, and every little kid will get a kick out of Sweet Baby and her adventures with Dad. There's mischief, mayhem, messes, and so much more. 

Henry hopes that the recently published book will be fun for both parents and young children, and he expects that the art will captivate any reader. "Working with Marta was awesome," Henry says. "She is an exceptionally skilled illustrator." In fact, Marta is already talking about working on another children's book with Watercourse Books. 

Think your child might enjoy Good Night, Sweet Baby? You can purchase the book on CreateSpace. Use the code DL8M77X5 to receive a special discount as a BubbleLife reader! You can also order the book on Amazon Prime

More About the Creators: 

"Nate Henry makes stories, poems, music and other things. When he was a kid, he fell in love with rhyming stories and imaginative art. Now, like most of us, his days are full of adulting, but when the stars come out he escapes into music production and poetry chock-full of rhymes. He was raised in Kansas City and resides in Fort Worth, Texas. You can learn more about Nate's current and forthcoming books at"

"Marta Magnetti Codrai was born in Mathi, a small town near Turin, in the north of Italy. She grew up surrounded by books thanks to a bibliophile mother, and spent all her spare time in libraries and bookshops since she started to read, at 4 years old. Obviously, illustrated books had always been her favorite. After 4 years in the corporate world, she received a big promotion that would have brought her to Chicago. But she wasn't happy with her life so she decided to move back to the Italian countryside and pursue her dream: being an illustrator. Magnetti Design Studio was born and since then Marta is the happiest person alive. She travels frequently, but lives in Ciriè, with a rescue dog, Rothko, a goldfish, Basquiat, and a loving partner, Dan."

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