Riley Heruska
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From Wednesday, August 15, to Sunday, August 19, Dallas will play home to a host of talented women. The Women Texas Film Festival is a four-day event that showcases female-driven stories from emerging filmmakers. It's now in its third year, and the lineup of events is looking better than ever. 

Female leaders, radicals and storytellers from around the country are coming together to share their experiences and support one another. Of course, North Texas residents are welcome to attend, too, if they buy tickets in advance. 

The festival will give people the chance to: 

  • See what female creators are really made of and what stories they have to share
  • Attend Q&A's with up-and-coming filmmakers 
  • Screen films in which women have played at least one creative role (writer, producer, director, etc.) 
  • Watch panel discussions with creators 
  • Check out exclusive parties and a gala night with a red carpet

To learn more about who will be present at this festival and how you can buy tickets, visit

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