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From August 17 to August 25, Denton will host a nine-day festival full of great food, live attractions, rides and music. The North Texas Fair and Rodeo might not be as massive or well-known as the annual state fair, but it has everything you need to satisfy your cravings for fried foods and carnival rides. More than 100,000 people are expected to visit over the course of the event, so grab your tickets in advance and make time for all of the exciting attractions. 

What You Won't Want to Miss: 

First-Class Rodeo Events 

Whether you want to witness bareback riding or calf scrambling, there's an event for you on the rodeo schedule. Every day plays host to a new selection of events and is jam-packed with Western flair. Check out the event schedule to see what's happening on the day you plan to visit. 

Livestock Shows 

Locals will be showcasing everything from cattle to pigs at the fair, and if you schedule your visit right, you might get to watch some of the shows. From 6 PM to 8 PM on Monday through Friday and at certain times over the weekend, you can also check out the hilarious Swifty Swine Swimming and Racing Pigs

The Carnival Rides 

Take the daredevil in your family to try out some of the high-tech rides at the fair's midway. There will be a variety of attractions, from small kiddie roller coasters to nerve-wracking adult rides. Tickets for the carnival are $30 in advance, and if you buy an armband for $35, you can try out as many rides as you want during your visit. 

Live Country Music Concerts 

Every night of the fair, a band will hit the stage and entertain the crowd with live country music. These aren't just local bands you haven't heard of; they're big names in the industry, like Josh Abbott Band, Pat Green and Eli Young Band. Check out the music schedule in advance so you know which night your favorite group is playing. The best part? Your ticket gets you into the fair and the concert, so you're essentially seeing a free performance. 

The Contests 

People are bringing the best of everything to the fair, including photographs, bread, cakes, and art projects. Each day hosts a new competition, so look at the contest calendar today to figure out which one you'd like to witness. Personally, I'm leaning towards whichever date has the cake contest... 

What are you most excited about when the North Texas Fair and Rodeo rolls around? Will you be going sometime next week? Let us know! 

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