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Once you turn 16 in the state of Texas, you're free to make your own money and start filling your resume with valuable experiences. Our area is booming with new stores and restaurants that are willing to hire young workers, but some of them clearly stand above the rest when it comes to benefits for teens and early college students. 

Here are some of the best companies to work with if you're a local teen. They'll give you the experience you need for future interviews and the funds you want to gain some financial independence. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill 

As if we needed another reason to love this addictive food chain. If you're a teen who is preparing to go to college, you can benefit from their tuition assistance program or even obtain credit hours via the chain's training program. Plus, you get substantial discounts on food, so pile on the guacamole without feeling guilty. Apply today to learn about food preparation, hosting, teamwork and sanitation while you put away some funds for your educational future. 


One trip to Chick-fil-a will convince you that it's an excellent place for young people to experience their first work environment. They offer scholarships, discounts on food, flexible schedules and free meals for many shifts. Teens can obtain superb job training that they'll carry with them into future careers while making their first job an enjoyable one. 


This coffee chain has launched a pilot program that's partnered with LinkedIn in an effort to mentor kids over the age of 16 as they begin their careers. In addition, they are more than willing to hire young baristas and let them work their way towards supervisor and manager positions. Employees receive a 30 percent discount on Starbuck products, a free meal every shift and very flexible hours, which makes it an excellent job for teens who are still in school for most of the day. 

AMC Theatres 

Free movies and a flexible, fun schedule? That's basically the dream job for a busy teenager. AMC Theatres hires a variety of staff members to run their locations, from the crew that cleans the theatres to the staff behind the counters. As an employee, you'll learn about customer service and see multiple opportunities for growth. 

Burger King 

This global corporation has more than 12,000 outlets, which means it needs plenty of helping hands. They accept applicants over the age of 16 for multiple positions, including general team member and shift coordinator. Employees receive friends and family discounts, as well as free meals during their shifts. 

Domino's Pizza 

There are dozens of these pizza chain stores nearby, so if you're a teen, send your application in. Domino's is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and its Educational Assistance Program, which can reimburse some eligible corporate team members for a portion of their educational expenses. All you have to do is give them one year of benefits-eligible service, so it's a good position for older teens who are looking to head to school. 

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