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According to many surveys, skydiving is by far one of the most common experiences found on people's bucket lists. Perhaps this is because it requires such courage, or maybe it's because skydiving is said to trigger feelings of euphoria in the human brain. No matter why you want to throw yourself out of a plane that's thousands of feet in the air, the North Texas area has services that can help you check this item off your before-I-die list. 

Here are the top three skydiving locations near the DFW metroplex. Where will you test your nerves? 

Skydive Spaceland 
1039 Private Rd 438, Whitewright, TX 75491

Located on 120 acres of private land, this airpark was built for skydiving operations. Their trained jumpers and staff members are ready to help you make your wildest dream a reality, whether it's your first time or your tenth. They will help you obtain your license, practice jumping, snap photos of the once-in-a-lifetime experience and handle all of the details so that you can focus on preparing yourself for the adrenaline-fueled experience. On weekends, you can book a tandem skydive for $219, but on weekdays you can check this item off your bucket list for only $199. Video and picture packages come at an extra cost. 

Dallas Skydive Center 
3517 County Road 2615, Caddo Mills, 75135

If you live in the DFW area, this is the closest dropzone around. Bring your photo-ID and guts with you, then decide how high you're willing to go. To do a tandem jump at 10,000 feet, you'll have to fork over $169 on weekdays and $179 on weekends, but the price tag is well-worth this incredible local experience. Dallas Skydive Center values safety above all else, but they'll also make sure you follow through and embrace this exhilarating experience. You can even book special occasions like wedding proposals, bachelor parties and work events at this skydiving center, so plan ahead and make some unbelievable memories.  

Hillsboro Municipal Airport - 1000 Airport Boulevard, Hillsboro, Texas 76645

Even though you're probably going to be panicking inside, once you show up to Skydive35, these professionals will take over. They'll provide you with the equipment and training you need, and within a few hours, you will have performed a tandem dive with a trained jumper from up to 17.5k feet in the air. Think you can muster the courage? The fifteen to twenty-minute plane ride alone might be a little much for some, but for the daredevils of the DFW area, this is the place to make some memories. A 12k-foot tandem jump costs $229 while a high altitude jump (17.5k feet) costs $279. 

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