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School may have started and summer may be ending, but thankfully, we've got a host of new TV shows to keep us entertained. Netflix and other streaming devices are unleashing several promising new series, so clear your Friday nights for some serious binge-watching. Here are five of the most highly-anticipated September releases. 

The First
 - September 14 on Hulu 

Starring Sean Penn, this American-British web series follows a crew of astronauts as they embrace the perils of space travel. They're racing to become the first humans on Mars, but what will they sacrifice along the way? 

Forever - September 14 on Amazon 

From the creators of Master of None comes a hilarious show about a suburban couple who wants to spice up their 12-year marriage. The show stars Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph. 

The Dragon Prince - September 14 on Netflix 

Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender will gobble up this story of two human princes and an elven assassin. The show was written by the same writer and the animation is enticingly unique. 

The Good Cop - September 21 on Netflix 

You'll get a real kick out of watching one "good cop," Josh Groban, as he attempts to solve murders and keep his crooked dad on a straight path. Funny and smart, The Good Cop has a lot of people waiting anxiously. 

- September 21 on Netflix  

When you hear that Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are starring in this series, you might assume it'll be some quirky rom-com with lots of humor. Wrong. This dark, twists miniseries delves into a pharmaceutical trial that's gone terribly awry. 

Which of these are you most excited to watch next month? Let us know in the comments!  

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