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If you like to keep up with the newest films and movie theater updates, then you've probably heard a great deal about something called "Movie Pass." It's a subscription service that allows you to see any number of movies in theaters for $10 each month. The concept sounds too good to be true, but the service's reviews are fairly mixed. Is Movie Pass worth signing up for, or are you better off seeing fewer movies on your own terms? 

I've had my Movie Pass subscription for about two months, and during my experience, I've encountered the good, bad and ugly aspects of the product. Let's lay them all out so that we can come to a tentative conclusion in regards to the service's worth. 

The Good 

As long as you're someone who frequents the movie theater multiple times each month, you're going to save money by using Movie Pass. Just one ticket to a Friday night film can be $11 or so, but the subscription to the service is only $10/month, which means you're still coming out ahead financially as long as you see one or two movies every month. 

Furthermore, Movie Pass is currently accepted at pretty much every movie theater (at least in my experience). I've been able to see movies at Cinemark theaters, Studio Movie Grill and the new Moviehouse Eatery in McKinney. Therefore, you don't need to be worried about sticking to one or two movie theaters if you have the subscription. 

Because of Movie Pass, I've seen far more films than I usually would over the past few months, and at very nice theaters. It's lovely to not feel guilty about dropping money on a pricey ticket since essentially every movie I see after the first one of the month is a free bonus. 

The Bad 

If you're someone who likes to reserve your seat way in advance, Movie Pass can be limiting. Some theaters do allow you to pick a spot before you've arrived and reserve it on your Movie Pass app, but most do not. Therefore, you're usually forced to drive to the theater in order to pick your seat. This can cramp your style if you're not near the theater you want to visit or if you're hoping to catch a popular new film that will be crowded. 

Also, you cannot see the same movie more than once. This isn't a particular problem for me because I don't usually see movies repeatedly in the theater, but for some, it's a major deterrent. 

The Ugly 

Sadly, yes, these aspects of Movie Pass truly are ugly. Let's start with the biggest problem: customer service interaction. If something goes wrong with your reservation or the Movie Pass app, getting in contact with a customer service representative is nearly impossible. You must correspond with them via a chat system in their app, not by phone call or email. It sometimes takes a full 24 hours for them to respond, which can be a huge issue when you want to see a movie in the next two hours. 

Admittedly, Movie Pass did credit my account after a big issue I contacted them about, but the entire process was still extremely frustrating. 

The second ugly part is that movie theaters will not help you with any Movie Pass related questions or concerns. If Movie Pass booked you the wrong seat or encountered an error, then the movie theater you're attending will not make any efforts to help you because the product is not a part of their services. You may be forced to buy a ticket out of pocket if your app isn't working, which kind of defeats the entire point of the subscription service. 

The Bottom Line: 

For some, Movie Pass is a really valuable subscription service. It can help you save money and see plenty of films, as long as you aren't picky about seats or making reservations in advance. Like one other reviewer said, "When it works, it's great!" But when it doesn't, things get messy.

Personally, I plan to keep using my subscription to see as many movies for $10 each month as possible, but if you'd rather shell out the big bucks to see exactly what you want when you want to, then I'd recommend avoiding Movie Pass. 

What are your thoughts on Movie Pass? Have you used it before? Do you love it or hate it? Leave some comments below. 

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