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You've heard about renting a home or room with AirBnB, but have you ever considered the experiences they offer for locals and tourists? If you're looking for some new activities to embrace on an upcoming weekend trip, these are the awesome experiences to check out across the state. 

Hill Country Estate Winery Tour 

If you're willing to drive a few hours away from the DFW metroplex, you'll find yourself in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. Although there are many winery tours available once you're there, this one is one of the best and most affordable. For $18 per person, you and some companions can join Rick and Madelyn Naber as they take you through their estate. You'll get to sample six Texas-made wines, see the ins and outs of winemaking and snap hundreds of impressive photos. The tour has received all five-star reviews on AirBnB, so you know you're in for a real treat. 

Light-Up Paddleboarding in Austin 

For $50 per person, the Adamson brothers will take you for a memorable experience out on the waters of Lady Bird Lake. Their paddleboards are equipped with special underwater LED lights, so as you glide across the starlit lake, you'll see incredible colors all around you. The entire tour takes about an hour and a half, but it's certainly one you won't forget soon after. 

The Best of Uptown Dallas Nightlife 

If you want to make the most of your weekend in Dallas, then you need to check out this nighttime tour. AirBnB host Madison will take you through a beer garden, bar and nightclub to give you a true taste for the nightlife in D-Town. For $44, you'll get admission to every location, as well as one free shot. You must be 21 years or older to attend.

Explore Austin's Landmarks by Segway 

Shelby and her husband have lived in Austin for 25 years and love sharing their knowledge with visitors in a unique way. For $70, you can hop on one of their 20 Segways and cruise around downtown Austin. You'll get to see all the famous landmarks, like 6th Street and Congress Avenue, in an expedient and comfortable manner. With blazing temperatures raging outside, this is one of the best ways to avoid sweating as you explore the hippest city in Texas. 

VIP Tour of the Fort Worth Stockyards 

You've seen the Stockyards before, but have you ever gone behind the scenes to find out what makes this place tick? In this AirBnB experience, a Fort Worth resident takes a group of people on a three-hour tour that showcases the best secrets and attractions of the famous saloons, honky-tonk and rodeo. At $44 per person, the tour is affordable and well worth your time. 

Snorkeling in a Hill Country River 

You might scoff at the idea of snorkeling in Texas, but if you head down south to the San Marcos River, you can spend a day surrounded by beautiful water and aquatic wildlife. Dubbed "Texas' greatest hidden adventure," this river is home to surprisingly clear waters and plenty of fun twists and turns. One AirBnB host is offering a tour for $44 per person, and during your session, you'll be provided with snorkel gear and the opportunity to spot dozens of different plant and animal species. The water in the San Marcos River is usually between 69 and 72 degrees, so it's the perfect way to cool off as temperatures continue to rise. 

Glass Bottom Kayaking on the San Marcos River 

Snorkeling isn't your thing? Then consider seeing the clear waters of San Marcos via a glass bottom kayak. AirBnB host Ben will take you down the river and offer you views that are totally unique. He'll also teach you how to paddle and steer your kayak, so even beginners can join in the fun. The tour is $30 per person and includes the kayak, paddle, life jacket and transportation from their location back to your car. 

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