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Whether you're commuting to Dallas in rush hour traffic or taking a mid-summer road trip somewhere new, long drives provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with new podcasts. Find out what local voices have to say by listening to one of these unique shows, all of which are produced by people living and working somewhere near you. 

Think, from KERA Dallas/Fort Worth

Since 2006, this show has been raking in the awards and public praise. Krys Boyd, the long-time host, has covered everything from situations along the U.S.-Mexico border to discussions about police shootings in Dallas. As a graduate of TCU and a North Texas resident, Boyd is a local voice that's widely respected throughout the area. Download Think and join the thousands of readers in Texas who already love listening and learning. 

"This show is my main reason for pledging support to KERA. It features topics that are always timely and it always seems capable of making interesting any subject they choose to talk about. Be sure to check out each Friday's episodes because they do 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know' in which callers ask questions that have been bugging them, and other callers try to answer them. I recommend this hit to anyone that lives in the DFW area especially." - Mason Reese on iTunes 

Funkytown Podcast   

This entertaining show covers what's happening in Fort Worth, Texas, specifically when it comes to the music scene. Host Jeffery Lorde brings a variety of interesting guests on his show, including comedians and local band members. Together, they discuss everything from politics to modern music hits. If you want to be in-the-know when it comes to music in FW, this is the show to listen to. 

"I really enjoy this deep dive into the Fort Worth, Texas music scene. It’s always fun to hear from creatives and the host does a nice job getting his guests, primarily from local bands, to open up and share." - Steve on iTunes 

American History Tellers 

In this educational show by Wondery, you'll hear some new takes on the stories that shaped our country. The hosts delve into everything from the Cold War to the Prohibition while consistently emphasizing the importance of truth in history. You'll learn while you listen, but you'll have fun with the content, too. The best part? This podcast is actually the brainchild of Lindsay Graham, a marketing director for Southern Methodist University in Dallas, so this content is coming straight to you from a nearby source. 

"Can't wait to hear more of these historical stories from a completely different lens and with the amazing sound quality!" - Ms. CriCri on iTunes 

Refugee Stories: In Their Own Voices 

Although there are only eight episodes in this podcast, several hosts under the mentorship of Dr. Bradley Kelin (Associate Director of SMU's Embrey Human Rights Program) have crafted a compelling show that will leave you riveted. Refugee Stories introduces listeners to the lives of people who have resettled in Texas but who still have stories to share from their terrifying times in other homelands. You'll come to better understand the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and the aftermath that welcomed refugees face.  

"This is an incredible journey that follows a family from Iraq as they flee the civil war and live in limbo in Jordan, then suddenly, after an 11-year limbo, discover they are approved to resettle in the United States in only eleven days! Heartwarming!" - Astro Physics on iTunes 

Brews and the Boys 

Friendly and extremely local, this show by Michael Sisemore takes a close look at something everyone in D-Town likes to talk about: football. Specifically, Sisemore uses his sports journalist skills to discuss the Dallas Cowboys and their seasons. If you're searching for a chill, laid-back approach to sports from a Dallas resident, look no further. 

"Love listening to this podcast! Great info and Mr. Sisemore has great enthusiasm. Go Cowboys!" - Review on iTunes 

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