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Leafy plants and cheerful succulents are more than just pretty decorations in a home. The addition of a little nature to an indoor space can actually boost human health and happiness. Not convinced? Check out these facts, all of which are backed by scientific studies. 

Plants Clean the Air 

Even if you keep your home sparkling clean, there are pollutants floating around in the air you breathe. Everything from hairspray to smoke from cooking can decrease the quality of your air, but thankfully, plants remove many toxins. The soil microorganisms living in potted plants, as well as the plants themselves, are capable of removing volatile chemical toxins from the air (at least in some settings). 

You'll Breathe Easier 

During the process of photosynthesis, plants take in the carbon dioxide you release, and in return, they put out increased levels of oxygen. This can help you breathe better, especially while you're sleeping at night. Pop a plant or two in the bedroom so that you get a hefty dose of fresh air while you snooze. 

Increased Moisture Vapor Can Combat Respiratory Distress 

Many people with respiratory issues buy humidifiers to keep their air moist. In a way, houseplants work as natural humidifiers. After you water them, they release most of that moisture back into the room, which increases the space's humidity and can keep dry skin, colds, sore throats and coughs at bay.  

Greenery Decreases Fatigue and Anxiety 

In a well-known study conducted about ten years ago, researchers examined the effects of flowers and foliage in the hospital rooms of patients who were recovering from surgery. The results indicate that introducing plants and flowers to a hospital room may have a direct link to positive outcomes after the surgery. The greenery led to lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue. If you've been feeling a little down or stressed, try adding a bit of natural life to your house and see if that affects your attitude. 

Just because summer is slowly drawing to a close doesn't mean you should give up on green plants and spending time in nature. Bring the plants indoors so you can reap some health benefits and enjoy a few pretty decorations. 

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