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Today, the sequel to a series that spans generations is finally hitting the big screens. Giddy adults, nostalgic teens, and young kids are all flooding the theaters to catch a glimpse of their favorite Pixar family this weekend. 

The Incredibles are really back, and this time, they're picking up right where the first movie left off. Superpowers are illegal, but they're determined to make the public love superheroes and their good deeds once more. In an effort to publicize the good works of supers, Mrs. Incredible heads out to become the face of a new movement while Mr. Incredible is left playing Mr. Mom for a few days. As you can guess, chaos ensues, and the family is forced to wield their powers once more. 

So, the big question is, can a movie with this much hype actually live up to the audience's sky-high expectations?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.
Critics across the board have praised the movie's plot and characters, which are just as engaging and witty as they are in the first movie. The creators were able to seamlessly transition from movie one to movie two, even though the last Incredibles movie came out a whopping 14 years ago. Just take a look at the high score on Rotten Tomatoes and you'll see that fans are adoring this latest installment. 

When you head to the theaters to rejoin your favorite superhero family, you can expect an adventure full of delightful animation and action scenes, but also a story of comedic family drama and parenting. You'll certainly get a kick out of watching hulking Mr. Incredible take on the challenges of daily parenting while Mrs. Incredible embraces the daring life of a famous superhero. Oh, and don't worry, all of your other favorite characters like Frozone and Edna make appearances, so you'll really get to embrace all of the childhood nostalgia. 

In short: run, don't walk, to enjoy this Disney sequel over the weekend. Pixar has impressed us all again with its imaginative, joyful take on family life and adventure. 

Praise From Critics: 

"The virtuosic, often delightful Incredibles 2 picks up narratively where the original movie left off." - Manhola Dargis at The NYTimes

"Brad Bird’s The Incredibles 2 is, much like its predecessor, delightful as an animated feature but really, really delightful as a superhero picture." - David Edelstein at Vulture 

"Somehow it all works, seamlessly, in returning writer-director Brad Bird's witty, engrossing and visually stunning adventure." - Michael O'Sullivan at Washington Post

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