Riley Heruska
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Father's Day is speeding around the corner, but there's still time to pick out a snazzy gift for the dad in your life before Sunday. Here are a few suggestions that every father will enjoy and that are easy to pick up at the last second (or ship from Amazon). 

  • Leather Card Case: We all know that Dad's been carrying around that too-thick wallet for the past five years. Help him upgrade to a slender, compact wallet that's easier to fit in his pocket but still big enough to hold his essentials. 

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Make it easy for him to listen to his favorite tunes outside without worrying about his speaker getting damaged. Extra bonus points if you find one with a clip so it can go everywhere with him. 

  • Dash Cam: So he can record evidence of all his crazy commutes while still staying safe. This one even comes with Alexa and other extra features. 

  • Weighted Blanket: After a busy day of dad-ing, there's nothing better than zonking out under one of these calming blankets. 

  • Subscription to Book of Month: When Dad finally has time to relax and read, you want him to have a full stack of intriguing options on the bedside table. 

  • USB Desktop Charging Station: Never let your dad be without cellphone juice again. This charging station has six USB ports and can power up your phone at work or at home. 

What are you picking up for Dad this weekend? Leave other easy suggestions in the comments below!

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