Riley Heruska
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Over the past few weeks, hundreds of our BubbleLife readers have voted for the best Italian restaurants in their area, and we now have our winners. The Dallas Uptown poll resulted in a tie between Avanti and Taverna! Congratulations to our two winners and the other nominees. 

About Avanti Ristorante 

2720 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

Why People Love It:
 This Italian restaurant is as classy as it gets. Customers come back time and time again for the good food, live music, and a romantic atmosphere. 

What to Order: 
The 3-Cheese Spinach Lasagna or the Fettucine Diablo 

About Taverna

Why People Love It:
Everyone pops by this restaurant for two things: either a lovely weekend brunch or a scrumptious Italian dinner. No matter which meal you decide to try, you'll be impressed with the restaurant's service and food. 

So when are you going to check out these BubbleLife winners? 

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