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Over the past few weeks, hundreds of our BubbleLife readers have voted for the best Italian restaurants in their area, and we now have our winners. The Denton poll resulted in a tie between Giuseppe's and Johnny Carino'sCongratulations to our two winners and the other nominees. 

About Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant

6921, 821 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201

Why People Love It:
 The unique house-turned-restaurant atmosphere is a crowd pleaser, and traditional Italian dishes are yummy. What more could you want from a local eatery? 

What to Order: 
The Salmone alla Arrogosta or the lasagna 

About Johnny Carino's 

Why People Love It:
This is the perfect Italian eatery for the whole family. Order one of the family platters or drop by on Monday for discounts on family meals. 

What to Order: 
Some fresh bread and the tortellini 

So when are you going to check out these BubbleLife winners? 

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