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As soon as you step out of the theater after watching all of the dinosaur chaos and action in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, your little dinosaur fanatic is going to crave more. Fortunately, the DFW area has quite a few attractions that can feed his or her paleontology interests. Here are some museum exhibits and fun activities that will satisfy any kid's dinosaur desires. 

The Ultimate Dinosaurs Exhibit at the Perot Museum

From now until next January, this wonderful museum is hyping up its dinosaur displays with a whole new exhibit. Ultimate Dinosaurs features full-sized dino skeletons, life-sized video projects of the ancient creatures, interactive games, groundbreaking research from scientists and so much more. Your kids will be completely wowed by the prehistoric displays, and they'll certainly love the hands-on experiences the museum offers. Grab your tickets today on the Perot Museum's website

Dinosaur Valley State Park 

Roughly two hours away from the DFW area lies an incredible attraction for dino fans of all ages that's often referred to as the "Dinosaur Capital of Texas." The park features real dinosaur footprints, including some of the best-preserved dinosaur tracks in the entire world. Work your way along the riverbed to view the relics, which are more than 112 million years old. You can also use the park for recreational activities like swimming and fishing. Plan the perfect kid-friendly day trip before the summer comes to an end. However, do remember to call ahead and ask about the dinosaur track visibility because bad weather can sometimes make them inaccessible. 

The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary 

Unfortunately, the impressive dino animatronics that this museum showcases aren't on display this summer. On the bright side, they're coming back at the beginning of September! In the meantime, you can take your amateur paleontologists to see the Mosasaur display and other cool exhibits. They can also color a dinosaur picture and submit it to be featured in the Dinosaurs Live! exhibit this fall. The winning artist and two runner-ups will receive prizes for the creative submissions. Click here to learn more about the Color-a-Dino Coloring Contest. 

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History 

The DinoLabs and DinoDig at this museum are working to bring the local stories of dinosaurs to life. The exhibits include facts about dinosaurs that once roamed the state so that kids can get a feel for what Texas looked like millions of years ago. There are many artifacts and fossils on display, as well as an interactive outdoor dig for wannabe paleontologists. Your kids can even create their own dinosaurs with modern technology. To purchase tickets to the museum and dinosaur exhibits, visit this website today. 

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