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Tubing down the river during the blazing heat of summer is essentially a right of passage here in Texas, especially for young adults. People will travel for miles to access the coolest, clearest rivers. Then, they'll spend the day sipping beers and floating without a care. 

Looking for a place to relax and tube? Here are some of the most popular river tubing spots in the state. 

Trinity River 

If you're not looking to trek too far away from the Dallas area, check out the various events that take place at the Trinity River. There are often live music performances and large groups of people that spend the day lounging in tubes and enjoying the refreshing water.  

San Marcos River

Looking for clean, cold water? This tubing spot is fed by a spring, which means it's always refreshing. Take your tubes up to the city park near Strahan Basketball Stadium, then float down the river for a mile or so. 

Guadalupe River 

This is certainly one of the most popular river floating destinations in the state. You can access it from several points, but most people do so from the San Marcos or Canyon Lake area. Some even drive up from San Antonio. Either way, the cool water and shady cypress trees make this spot perfect for floating. 

Comal River

Head to Landa Park to embark on a day of tubing down this spring-fed river. To make things even more relaxing, pack some canned beers and sip on them as you float until the Comal runs into the Guadalupe. 

Brazos River 

This river isn't as easily accessible as some of the other destinations on this list, which means if you do make the journey to its entrance, you'll probably have most of the river to yourself. Consider making the trip a weekend event and staying overnight at the nearby Possum Kingdom State Park.  

Medina River 

This is another spot that's not usually jam-packed with college students. You'll need to drive out to the area around Bandera, Texas, but it's totally worth the trip. The Medina River is spring-fed but also full of mild rapids, so it's a bit more exciting than others. 

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