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Podcasts provide excellent opportunities to absorb valuable information while multitasking. You can listen to a murder mystery while jogging on the treadmill or learn how to start your own business while commuting to work on a busy Dallas highway. So, why not use your time wisely and download a few podcasts that will transform the way you handle money? 

These are some of the most popular personal finance blogs around, and there's one for every kind of spender. Try a few of them out to see if you can develop a better relationship with your financial future. 

Like a Mother With Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson knows what it's like to be a parent while struggling with money, work, and the challenges life brings. That's why she created her entertaining podcast. In her show, she shares her opinions on balancing every aspect of her busy family life while also growing her wealth and learning more about economics. It's an easy show to enjoy, and you'll definitely learn something while listening to each episode. 

The Dave Ramsey Show 

When it comes to personal finance, Dave Ramsey is a household name. His take on dealing with debt and saving money has inspired millions to alter the way they handle their money. Maybe that's why so many listeners tune in every week to listen to his advice, as well as the success stories of others who have followed in his footsteps. 

Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life 

This podcast is the perfect fit for any listener, no matter how adept they are at handling money. Laura Adams, the host, gives financial advice in a conversational, friendly manner that appeals to people of all ages. Her advice is simple to follow and understand, so you'll certainly walk away with more knowledge after listening to just one episode. 

The Clark Howard Show 

Clark Howard is another popular name in the world of personal finance, and he's best known for his advice on saving money and making smart purchases. Fans love to call in and seek counsel on a variety of financial queries, and if you have questions about money, listening to Howard's podcast is a great way to start finding answers. 

Rich Dad Radio Show 

Robert Kiyosaki, the man behind Rich Dad, Poor Dad, doesn't hold back when it comes to talking about personal finance. His advice is often unconventional and hard-hitting, but there's a reason so many love his show: the advice works. Listen to an episode or two to find out what all the fuss is about. 

Stacking Benjamins 

This podcast is an excellent choice for people who are just now diving into the world of personal finance podcasts. People adore how the hosts present complicated statistics in an understandable way while still looking into the monetary advice of award-winning financial writers. You don't have to be a money guru to enjoy this show, but after listening for a while, you might start to feel like one. 

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