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Lazy summer mornings without school carpool lines or extracurriculars call for one thing: donuts. If you're looking for a place to grab some sugary sweet treats, here are some of the most popular (and unique) donut shops in the Dallas area. Which one will you check out first? 

Jarams Donuts - North Dallas 

This place might not look like much at first, but once you bite into one of their perfectly-crafted donuts, you'll be an instant convert. People praise the creme brulee donuts, as well as their cronuts. You'll get a bit of a hipster vibe while standing in line, but you won't pay a ton for a fresh, sugary breakfast. Try one of their more creative donuts or stick to a classic glazed one. Either way, you'll be coming back for more. 

Hypnotic Donuts - East Dallas/Garland

Looking for a truly interesting donut experience? Then you'll want to check out this groovy donut shop. They sell everything from fluffy biscuits to crazy donut creations like bacon/banana/peanut butter combos or treats named after popular bands. Snag a coffee and a few of their unique treats with a chicken sandwich. Afterward, you'll be spreading the word about this local gem just like everyone else. 

Mojo Donuts
- Park Cities 

If you're someone who likes to try a bunch of different fun flavors, then head to Mojo's and fill a box with a wonderful variety. They sell everything from strawberry donuts to coconut cream, and all of their creations are fresh and delicious. You'll be wowed by the fancy elements of the donuts and impressed by the incredible flavor. Be sure to snap some photos of your purchases before you wolf them down.

Glazed Donut Works
- Deep Ellum & Plano

Choosing which flavor to try at this donut shop is no small task. Will you go with the creamy red velvet one smothered in cream cheese frosting, or will you try something different like the banana pudding option? Glazed Donut Works has established a bit of a cult following, and once you test some of their options, you'll understand why. 

Sunrise Donuts
- Oak Lawn 

With its mom-and-pop feel and cute atmosphere, this donut shop is a local favorite. Browse a variety of tasty morning treats, from jalapeno and cheese kolaches to wonderfully sweet cake donuts. You'll leave with plenty of scrumptious treats in hand and a smile on your face. Oh, and don't skip the giant cinnamon rolls. 

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