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I know what you're thinking: we just finished thinking about Halloween and the holidays are months away. However, Skyscanner has recently crunched some data to determine when you can snag the best flights, and they found that prices will start to rise from here on out. 

According to their research, the cheapest month to book domestic flights is October. That means if you're trying to fly anywhere in the United States, you should buy your tickets ASAP. They're only going to get more expensive if you wait. If you're planning to fly internationally for the holidays, know that prices jump by at least 5 percent once December rolls around.

In general, Skyscanner found that flights begin to increase in price significantly around the second to third week of November. These next few weeks are prime time for booking your December flights if you want to save money. Considering that the average flight for a price around Christmas time last year was $910 round-trip, it's probably a good idea to start making your travel plans today. 

Still, knowing when to buy is only one part of the money-saving equation. You also need to know when to fly. The most popular day to travel for Thanksgiving trips is on Wednesday, so if you can fly out either Tuesday or Thursday, you can save up to 21 percent on your ticket. When it comes to Christmas, people are predicting that the most popular day to fly will be December 21. By steering clear of popular flying days, you'll avoid chaos at the airport and pocket a bit of extra cash. 

Are you traveling for the holidays? Have you booked your flight? Let us know in the comments! 

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