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This month, there are plenty of new shows to be thankful for, especially as temperatures get colder and we want to snuggle up inside our warm houses. Netflix and other streaming services are releasing dozens of entertaining original series for our enjoyment. Here are five of the ones we're most excited to binge-watch. 

Homecoming - On Amazon Prime November 2 

Heidi Bergman, played by Julia Roberts, was a caseworker at a facility called Homecoming that helped soldiers transition back into civilian life. That was years ago, and now she lives with her mother and works as a waitress. Things seem normal to her, until she is interrogated by the Department of Defense. Heidi then begins to realize that her memories of Homecoming might not be what they seem. 

Brainchild - On Netflix November 2 

If you're someone who loves to squirrel away interesting facts and learn about a variety of topics, this new educational show on Netflix will be right up your alley. The creators delve into tons of fun categories, from germs to aliens to social media. Who knew learning could be as fun as binge-watching a Netflix series? 

- On Netflix November 9 

This reality TV show follows nine struggling musicians as they battle for the spotlight and reveal their personal backstories. You might think you've already seen one too many musical reality shows, but this original series takes a new, more compelling look at the competition between artists. 

Narcos: Mexico - On Netflix November 16 

Fans of the original Narcos series will gobble up this new addition to the storyline. The show follows the birth of the Mexican cartel Guadalajara in the 1980s. Based on true events, Narcos: Mexico gives viewers a gritty, realistic look at the drug war that has ravaged the country and led to so much crime. 

My Brilliant Friend - On HBO November 18 

Based on the best-selling novel by Elena Ferrante, this new original series tells the story of two young girls living in 1950s Italy and their complicated friendship over the years. The dialogue is in Italian (with subtitles), but that won't stop you from understanding the authentic, raw tale the creators have to share. 

What shows are you looking forward to watching in November? Let us know in the comments! 

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