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Is visiting a Halloween horror attraction one of your October traditions? Then you're in luck because the DFW area isn't short on scary experiences for adults at this time of year. Here are ten of the most popular haunted houses in the metroplex. Visit them this weekend, if you dare. 

1. Cutting Edge Haunted House 
1701 E. Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

This haunted attraction is intense and full of impressive special effects. All of the actors are real people, but you won't believe that once you see their costumes and makeup. Maybe that's why Cutting Edge is commonly referred to as one of the best haunted houses in the entire nation. Should you decide to brave it, prepare for a night of shrieks and terror. The meat packing facility is creepy enough to leave anyone gulping in fear. 

2. Moxley Manor Haunted Attraction
510 Harwood Road, Bedford, TX 76021 

Voted as the "Must-See Haunted House of 2018," Moxley is the place to be if you take your Halloween experiences seriously. There are two haunted houses on the property: the traditional Moxley Manor and the Big Top Terror. From the moment you start to approach the property, you'll feel the eerie environment sending chills up your spine. Once you try this place, your standards for every other haunted attraction will definitely go up. 

3. Dan's Haunted House 
501 E. Swisher Road, Lake Dallas, TX75065 

This attraction is an outdoor walk-through experience, featuring creepy Japanese sets and highly-trained actors who will do their best to give you some frightening memories. If you're tired of murderous clowns, zombies and other overdone Halloween tropes, this unique haunted house might be the place to visit. 

4. Screams Park 

2511 FM 66 Waxahachie, TX 75167

Hoping to hit more than one kind of attraction in a night? This entire park is dedicated to haunted houses and terrifying experiences. Meet the witches of TerraMythica Castle or play in Harmum's Carnival of Chaos, as well as other scary options. Plus, there's live entertainment, a food court, pubs and other forms of entertainment that don't involve waiting in line. Bring the whole crew for a night of nightmarish enjoyment. 

5. Dark Hour Haunted House 

701 Taylor Drive, Plano, TX 75074 

After being featured on BuzzFeed and USA Today, Dark Hour has certainly established a fearsome reputation throughout the state. This year, the Halloween show's theme is "Sleep Ends. Nightmares Don't." Stop by to delve into the horrifying depths of the human psyche and experience a high-quality performance by talented actors. People describe the sets as "Broadway-like," so you won't be disappointed after a night spent at this Plano attraction. 

6. Hangman's House of Horrors 

4400 Blue Mound Road, Fort Worth, TX 

After 29 years of service, Hangman's really knows how to put on a show for locals. Check out the traditional Hangman's House, a 100-year-old abandoned government facility, or test your nerves during a zombie outbreak. There's also a 3-D attraction called "No Place Like Home" that will trick your mind and throw in a few startling moments. If you have kids who want to tag along, that might be one of the best attractions for them. 

7. Thrillvania Haunted House Park 

2330 Co Road 128, Terrell, TX 75161

Whether you're interested in visiting The World Famous Verdun Manor or seeking a few thrills in Cassandra's House of Clowns, there's something for every kind of Halloween fiend at this park. There's even a Trail of Torment haunted by a mad psychologist. The park changes a bit every year, so even if you've been before, you're always in for some new scares. 

8. Tayman Graveyard Haunted Theme Park

4721 Cecillia St, Midlothian, TX 76065

Described as a "hellish nightmare taking place across multiple attractions" and a "true night of terror," Tayman Graveyard provides a truly chilling experience. The attraction features multiple haunted houses for one entry price, so you can spend an entire evening pretending you're in a horror movie. The authentic actors certainly help your imagination run wild. 

9. Reindeer Manor Halloween Park 

410 Houston School Rd, Red Oak, TX 75154

For the 45th year, this haunted attraction will feature four different haunted houses, each with different themes. You can attend a killer party in a Gothic mansion, immerse yourself in a creepy arcade game, solve murders at a haunted mortuary or escape a killer clown in a pitch-dark house. Yikes. No wonder some reviewers have referred to Reindeer Manor as the "best haunted house around." 

10. Hatch and Kraven's Slaughterhouse 

1400 W Taylor St, Sherman, TX 75092

Rumor has it that Hatch and Kraven Modair, a pair of butcher brothers who lived in Sherman, were taught the art of blades from a young age. When their father died and the depression hit in the 1930s, they ran out of meat to butcher and were left struggling to survive. Eventually, they turned to more murderous methods of earning a living. Should you choose to venture north of Dallas and check out the slaughterhouse, prepare for some terrifying jump scares and real-life night nightmares. 
Where will you go to get your scream on this Halloween season? 

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