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Before we dive into the details of this brilliant, terrifying show, let's clear one thing up: this Netflix original is not just for horror movie fanatics and people who like to be scared. It's also for people who appreciate high-quality and addicting stories of personal battles, relationships and mental health. The Haunting of Hill House has so much more to offer than jump scares, so even if you're not a fan of scary movies, keep reading. 

There are dozens of reasons to watch this critically-acclaimed series, if not more, but today we're just talking about the top five. If you're not ready to watch all ten episodes this weekend after reading them, then you're truly missing out on what has been dubbed "the first great horror TV series."

1. The cinematography is stunning.

Regardless of how you feel about scary movies and shows, anyone can appreciate the effort that went into filming this production. For instance, in episode six, there are long chunks of unedited shots. You'll find yourself wondering how the actors worked around this filming technique and what the massive set must look like to allow for such maneuvering. Furthermore, the coloring and special effects in every scene contribute to an overall aesthetic that will please any lover of film or art. 

2. Everything, from the costumes to the shocking scares, is perfectly planned.

Nothing about The Haunting of Hill House is sloppy. Whether it's a jean jacket on a character or a ghost lurking in a hall, everything was intentionally placed to draw the viewer in. You won't find any pathetic jump scares or unnecessary suspense in this show, which is refreshing in a world of poorly-plotted horror movies. 

3. Many of the most terrifying elements are subtle.

Over the course of the series, there are dozens of hidden ghosts that are almost invisible to the naked eye. You might even need to re-watch episodes in order to note all of the terrifying details in the background. Additionally, the dialogue is packed with foreboding elements, and if you pay close enough attention, you'll notice the puzzle pieces the writers planted in every episode. 

4. The show is more about family than it is about terror. 

Because the show follows a set of siblings and their two parents, many of its themes stem from their family dynamics and complicated relationships. You'll find yourself immensely interested in every character's backstory, and the creators do an excellent job of setting up questions only to draw out long, horrifying answers. The story is equal parts moving and terrible, and like thousands of others, you'll be addicted after episode one. 

5. It's morbidly fun to solve the mysteries along with the characters. 

What's with the Bent-Neck Lady? Who is Luke playing with in the woods? What really happened to Olivia? Each episode reveals a new secret, and if you like playing detective, you'll get a real kick out of trying to solve the convoluted, disturbing mysteries. 

Have you watched The Haunting of Hill House yet? If so, what did you think of it? Leave your opinions in the comment section! 

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