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As most of you already know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's a time when organizations and individuals throughout the country come together to promote education, provide support and increase breast cancer prevention. In honor of the month, everything from hockey rinks to hair can be dyed pink in support of breast cancer survivors and victims. 

However, wearing pink isn't the only way to make this month effective, nor is it the best. Here are five big ways you can easily contribute to breast cancer awareness during October. 

1. Schedule your own mammogram. Annual mammograms can detect the first signs of breast cancer and help women tackle the disease early. They improve chances of breast conservation, especially in women who are over the age of 40. Schedule your own mammogram, then encourage other women you know to do the same ASAP. 

2. Learn about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. If you visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation's website, you'll find a helpful Know the Symptoms guide that is absolutely free to download. Educate yourself on the early warning signs and share your newfound knowledge with others. The more we know about breast cancer and its symptoms, the better we can become at halting the disease in its tracks. 

3. Share the story of how you or someone you know has been impacted by breast cancer. This month, to honor those who have dealt with the disease, the NBCF is accepting stories from survivors and their families and sharing them across their social media platforms. Help encourage others facing cancer by contributing your own inspirational or moving stories. 

4. Volunteer to pack breast health kits or HOPE kits. By working with the NBCF, you can help create packages that provide support and educational tools to women in need. Visit to learn how you can donate your time locally. 

5. Donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Your money can help thousands of women access proper health care, including mammograms and diagnostic services. Learn more here

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