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Although you could just take your children to a seasonal Spirit Halloween popup or Party City for their costumes, those places can get a little pricey. Who wants to spend $50 on a dress-up outfit your child will only use for a few hours?

Instead, check out these more budget-friendly stores before resorting to more expensive options. You'd be surprised by the deals you can snag. 


Let's be honest: Amazon is pretty much the go-to option for must us, no matter if we're ordering books, toiletries, gadgets or Halloween costumes. Your little girl can be Princess Belle for as low as $18, and there's no shortage of superhero outfits for under $30. Plus, Amazon Prime can help you with those last-minute catastrophes and costume changes. 

Dirt Cheap 

If you're willing to brave the haphazardly stacked piles of Halloween decorations and costumes, you can find some real gems at this chain of discounted merchandise. Most of the costumes come from Halloween stores or Target, but they're more than 50 percent cheaper than they were last year. 


Surprisingly, Walmart has a pretty great selection when it comes to festive costumes. Your kid can be anything from Disney's Moana to the Black Panther, all for under $20. Take a look around in-store before popular sizes and costumes start to sell out. 


Right now, if you spend $30 on Halloween supplies at Target, you'll get $5 back. Browse their large selection of fun dress-up ideas, including Harry Potter robes ($20) and skeleton onesies ($15), to find the perfect outfit for your family's holiday. 

Sam's Club 

Next time you're making your weekend run to Sam's, check out the kid's costume section for a minute. You can purchase adorable toddler costumes for under $20 and cool outfits for your older kids that are under $40. If this little kid Paw Patrol costume doesn't do a number on your heart, I don't know what will. 

Where do you like to buy your children's Halloween costumes? Share your recommendations in the comments! 

*This post is not sponsored and has no affiliation with any of the stores listed above. 

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