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With Black Friday hurtling toward us at the end of the week, and free delivery on Amazon just a click away, most of us end up doing our holiday shopping with big corporations. Although there are certain benefits that come with that, we miss out on the opportunity to support local people and businesses. 

Here at BubbleLife, we're all about the hyperlocal space. We want to find the events, people and businesses that make this area thrive. That's why we want to talk about shopping locally. When you buy from community stores and sellers... 

1. You keep the money inside your community. Not only are you investing in your neighbors and local residents, but you're also keeping the money from leaving the area. It's estimated that for every $100 you spend, roughly 68 to 73 percent of it returns to local activity. Your purchase helps stimulate your community's economy and provide for those who live around you. 

2. You help create jobs for locals. The more we shop at locally-owned stores, the more employees they need to hire for the holiday season. 

3. You protect the environment. Online shopping might be convenient for us, but it's not great for Mother Nature. The US Postal Service estimates that it will make 850 million deliveries between Thanksgiving and New Year's. That's a significant amount of waste produced by transportation. Instead, duck into a nearby boutique and snag your gift without ordering something from a different state. 

4. You nurture creativity and entrepreneurs. Don't we want our hometown to be a place full of art and unique creations? The only way a place can reach its full creative potential is if people support such efforts. 

5. You give to non-profits and people in need. Many local business owners partner with non-profit organizations, and a higher percentage of local shop sales goes to charity than non-locally owned businesses. 

Do you shop locally for the holidays? If so, where do you love to buy gifts? Let us know in the comments below! 

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