All right, folks! It’s that time of year again when ghouls and goblins are going to be running the streets! Halloween is a fun time of the year, but we have a few tips to make sure that everyone has fun and stays safe. 


1. Watch out! Make sure that if you are on the roads, you’re being extra cautious. There will be many trick or treaters running around, and visibility may be an issue as some kids will be wearing dark costumes. So just be extra careful, drive nice and slow, you’ll get there when you get there. Just be aware that the streets are going to be filled with kids.


2. Check your headlights! Go ahead and get your headlights checked! I know sometimes we take them for granted, but we need to have high visibility that evening. Make sure that you have them checked out because you want to have optimum visibility that night to look out for kids.


3. Don’t drive in your costume! This one may sound silly, but do not wear your costume in the car if it has a mask or anything that can affect your field of vision. I know it’s fun to drive around in a mask, but some of them get a little bulky. Even the ones that aren’t bulky limit your peripheral vision—again, we’re looking out for kids and trick or treaters. So if you do have a costume that has a mask, do not be that person who wears it while you’re driving! I know it looks funny, and cool, but … no, just don’t do that.


4. Don’t drink and drive! If you are an adult, obviously over 21, and you’re having some adult “treats” that evening, please please please don’t drink and drive! It’s just not worth it! If you’re going to Halloween parties and places where you’ll be drinking, there are trusted resources in the community that you can use so that you never need to drink and drive. The one we always recommend is Bec N Call. Call Kim at Bec N Call, and she’ll make sure you get a safe ride home! 


Have a wonderful and safe Halloween, and for all of your automotive tips and needs please check us out at


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